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How often should a couple have sex

Researchers from the University of Toronto Mississauga found that having sex around once a week is the ‘sweet spot’ for happiness. Any more than that doesn’t really have any.

So, How Often Do Couples Have Sex for Real? When it comes to how often couples have sex, science actually has an accurate idea. The average adult has sex around 54 times a year—or about once a week, according to a study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior. Another study linked the frequency of sex to happiness.

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Couples age 30 to 39 admit to about 86 sex sessions per year. The frequency tends to dip slightly in adults older than that, but about 28 percent of people over 45 are still having sex. It's one thing to say there's no normal, and there's another thing to follow that up immediately with data points. For example, 75% of respondents said they thought other people had sex more than once a week, but only 54% of respondents reported actually having sex that often. Only 22% of respondents said that more sex would improve their sex.

B. "I should reduce my daily caloric intake by 250 calories to lose 2 pounds each week after surgery." C. "I will consume 48 ounces of carbonated beverages daily prior to the surgery." D. "I should wait 30 minutes after eating solid foods to drink beverages following surgery." 146.

A detailed study into the lives of today’s over 50s found that far from being stuck in a middle-aged rut, most are living life to the full. The modern 50-something has sex every couple of days, research carried out via OnePoll.com has revealed. According to the data, one in 10 say their sex lives are better in their sixth decade.

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